How To Build A Display

Do you  need something custom to fit your unique retail merchandising needs? Look no further! Follow the steps below to create your own unique fixture.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at 423-892-3720. Our team would be happy to help you create your custom display. 

*All pricing is without freight cost included. A member of our team will reach out to you with a customized quote for your qualifying order. 

Example Fixtures

Spectas Stock Display Configurations

1. Select Frames

The frame is the core structure of your display, select a display frame that fits the height and width of your available space. Frame depth will be determined but the depth of shelves which you select later. All of our frames come 2-per-pack. 

Spectas Stock Frame ExampleFeatured above: 54-24M 

2. Select Frame Feet

Next, you will want to select frame feet that are the appropriate size for your frame dimensions. You can select between frame end angle legs or frame feet with casters or levelers. All of our feet come 2pair-per-pack. 

Spectas Stock Frame Feet

Featured above from left to right: CF-17M, EL-54M, and F-19M

3. Select Shelves

All of our shelves come in a pack of five. The depth of your custom display is determined by the depth of the shelves you select. Remember to select shelving appropriate for the frame and frame feet you have already selected.

Our EA shelves include side wires to help keep product in place. Our FS shelves are open for easy merchandising and product accessibility.  We also have a selection of Tiered shelving and Dip shelving available.  

Spectas Stock Shelving

Featured above from left to right: EA-1924, FS-1924, and 2T-36M (top) 1224-DS (middle) FS-1224 (bottom 3)

4. Select Accessories (optional)

 Now that you have all the necessary components to create your display, be sure to select any accessories to complete your display. Some accessories allow you to combine frames, creating a endless possibilities for your fixture. Check out the links below to find the right accessory for your display.  

Spectas Stock Accessories

Here are examples of items you might need:

Extruded Price Molds
Frame Joining Plates
Chip Clips

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at or give us a call at 423-892-3720. Our team would be happy to help you create your custom display.